Drag and Drop interaction - motion paths and snap to centre behaviour

Aug 03, 2015

Hi community - first time poster, long time benefiter of the knowledge and willingness to help here! 

I'm hoping for help with two issues in this Drag and Drop interaction in a SL2 story.

My aim - to have the correct option in the attached story snap to centre of the hotspot, which then aligns my little ghost into the mouth of the pacman, handled by states.   I have motion paths for the incorrect options to provide immediate feedback.

My issue seems to be around the Drop Target Options under Question Tools / Drag and Drop options.

If I select Snap dropped items to drop target, Snap to centre and Allow only one item in each drop target, the correct item will not snap to centre (it's aligned to the right and up a bit).  The other items behave as they should (motion paths etc).

If I unselect Allow only one item in each drop target, the alignment of the correct option DOES snap to centre (so I think yay I've got it), but each of the incorrect options perform their motion path and then when the learner selects another option to try, the previous item that just completed a motion path RETURNS to the drop point at the start of the motion path and any dropped items then seem to TILE within the drop target.

I have a feeling I have over-complicated something with this drag and drop interaction.  Please help!

Thank you

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