Drag and Drop Interaction: Returning to the slide with the correct answer

May 08, 2019

I am using a drag and drop interaction to quiz my learners. They have 3 attempts. After the third try, the "incorrect" layer appears, which shows the correct answers.

If I have the base slide set to "resume saved state", once I advance to the next slide and return, the answers shown are their last incorrect attempt.

If I have the base slide set to "reset to initial state", once I advance to the next slide and return, you need to complete the interaction again to see the correct answers.

How can I easily show learners the correct answers to this interaction? Is using the "incorrect" layer the best option? And if so, how can I keep that layer showing if users want to return to the slide?

See attached.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Peyton,

Thanks for sharing your file and letting me peek under the hood! I see that you have a ‘Show layer Incorrect’ trigger that activates once the user hits three tries. Let's take advantage of that.

First, copy that trigger from your ‘Try Again’ layer. Then, paste it into your base slide.

That way, when a user returns to the question slide, even if it resets to initial state, that variable holds firm and takes you straight to the Incorrect layer. Give it a shot and let me know if it works!

Ren Gomez

Great question Peyton,

In the same vein, you can create a ‘Show layer Correct’ trigger that uses a true/false variable. The Correct layer can trigger the variable to change, and the base layer can ’Show layer Correct’ when the timeline starts on the condition that the variable equals the new change.   

Keep in mind that for every additional question, new variables will be needed for both correct/incorrect layers. It can get a little tedious!

The best solution is to ‘resume saved state’ on your base layer, and delete the ‘Hide layer’ triggers on your Correct/Incorrect layers. This method will not reset the circles upon retry, but it will take you back to the last layer you visited and save you from some extra work!

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