Drag and Drop Interaction States - Cannot get the Hover State to change to the Down State when an item is clicked

As the title states - I have a hover state set up for a picture, and a down state.

I want the hover state to change to the down state when the picture is clicked.

In the example I've attached to this question, the hover state remains even after the picture has been clicked and dragged.

Thank you.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Allen,

The Hover state will always show if an object is clickable/draggable. That's just how the built-in feature works. 

BTW, when I look at your file, it appears that the Down state is the same as the Normal state.

The Down state only shows when the user is actually pressing the object.

That means it shows briefly when a clickable object is clicked, but only while the mouse is down. When the mouse goes up, the clickable object will go to the Selected state (if there is one) or the Visited state (if there is one). Otherwise, it will return to Normal.

The Down state also shows when a draggable object is being dragged, because that requires the mouse being down. However, as soon as the mouse goes up, the object returns to Normal.

In your case, since the Down state is the same as Normal, there's no need for it. 

Allen Northrop

Appreciate the response and your time. 

I understand how states work, I do know that the down state is the same as the normal state in the file I sent.  

My question is - am I able to clear the hover state when an item has been clicked on and is being dragged?   If the answer is not through states, can it be done via triggers?