Drag and Drop Interaction with Scoring and Branching


I am trying to create drag and drop interaction where a user drags one of three responses to a caption. Based on which one they select i want to branch to another slide to show the scenario playing out based on their selection. Of course this can be easily done without a drag and drop interaction but i want the scoring capability that this interaction uses.

thanks Scott

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Diane Elkins

If you want immediate feedback, meaning that the branching happens as soon as the item is dropped (as opposed to waiting unil a submit button is clicked), create an action trigger that jumps to a slide when a response is dropped on the caption, as shown below.

 If you want to wait until a submit button is clicked, there are several ways to accomplish it.  I would probably set up the action above to set a variable to a certain value (Response1=yes).  Then on the Submit button, add an action for each of the choices, set to go to that feedback page if that variable is yes.  (Go to page x if Response1=yes; Go to page y if Response2=yes; etc.)