Drag and Drop Interaction with specific drop locations

Hello everyone,

I've been working on this interaction for awhile now and can't seem to get it work the way I want it to and I haven't found any discussions about this specific need, so here goes:

I want students to drag an object and drop it in a specific box in an organizational chart.  I want the object to go back to its initial spot if the student does not drop it in the correct box and to snap to the box if he dropped it in the correct box.  At the end, when all objects have been dropped in the correct boxes, the layer including the positive feedback will appear.  The client wanted additional possible answers so I've added them as well and hid the hotspots outside of the screen so they are kind of "inactive".

Right now, everything seems to work except that the student can drop "active" answers to some of the boxes and some will snap and some won't.  I don't understand why.

I'm about to loose my mind with this so if anyone can help, I would be extremely greatful!

I've attached a copy of the interaction.

Thank you!

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Jerry Beaucaire
  1. You've set up way more object than you need.   Hotspots are good for creating smaller targets on a larger object, like one tiny part of a larger image.   Also, you don't need separate text boxes and rectangles.

    Just create 5 target rectangles and type the titles directly into them, 5 objects instead of 15!

  2. These are the objects that will get the DROP CORRECT state as well.  Here's what the first one looks like:

  3. Create your other matching triggers for the other rectangles B,C,D,E.
  4. Lastly, your BRAVO trigger then should work.