Drag and drop interaction with variables not working - please help!

Oct 15, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I have an interaction (not using free form quiz) where learners have to drag relevant postits onto a drop target (FYI all postits are relevant so all should be dragged).  I've built it so there is a correct drop and an incorrect drop, with the state of each postit changing (unknown to the learner), depending on where it is dropped (so they can move them between the two targets if they change their mind before clicking the "Am I right?" button). If they don't drag the postit, it remains in a normal state - which is also incorrect 

When the user clicks "Am I right?" An Answer text box will be displayed saying either they were incorrect or correct.

I have it set up so the state of Answer box is dependant upon the state of the postits (TRIGGER ONE - if all postits are correct when Am I Right is clicked - change the answer box state to correct. TRIGGER TWO - if any postits are incorrect or normal - change the answer box state to incorrect).



It's not working! And the weird thing is - the way in which its not working is dependent on the order in which i have the triggers - with the SECOND trigger dominating. So it appears the state of the postits is irrelevant. In the example described about, the Answer text box only displays the incorrect state  - whether the postits are right or wrong. If i swap the trigger order, the correct answer box state displays,  even if some of the postits are incorrect or normal....

I've tried creating two separate answer boxes rather than using states for that item, and BOTH boxes are displaying whatever state the postits are in???

What on earth is going on?? Any help appreciated :)

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