Drag and Drop Interactions Are Not Working on Mobile

Hi Team!

Is there a bug or known issue with using drag and drop interactions on mobile devices?

We have knowledge checks built into our eLearning courses. However, our users seem to be encountering issues with drag and drop interactions when using mobile devices. This is for multiple courses and multiple users are experiencing this. However, when they try from a desktop it works fine.

For example:

- on one interaction in one course, we've seen the following; Sometimes the drag items move behind the characters, other times the characters become dragable but not the designated drag objects, and other times one of the objects doesn't allow dragging 

- on another course, the drag items do not allow dragging sometimes

The users that have reported these issues have confirmed that when they go to a desktop it works. However, other times I log into their account as them from a desktop and the interaction remains broken so it cannot be completed.

Please help.

Thanks in advance!

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