Drag and Drop is being...Difficult

That's the nice way to put it, at least.  

I've built a freeform Drag and Drop puzzle of a building.  The the pngs of the architectural components are to be dragged/dropped onto different zones, each with a hover state that pulls up a call out box explaining what each piece is.  The pngs and the zones are all simple rectangles.  Everything has unique names.  Anything that is not to be dragged is locked into place.  I've checked and double checked the Form View, and ensured everything is associated correctly

Two of these draggable pngs appear to be associated with the same drop zone during the interaction.  So Pic 1 will kick Pic 2 out of its correct spot; meanwhile, Pic 1 will simply not seat in its correct spot.  If I turn off snapping, same thing happens.

If I allow more than one object per zone, it rolls up as incorrect.  It's the same two pictures, same two drop zones.  I've rebuilt both from nothing a few times, and rebuilt the slide a few times.  None of that works.  Neither does swearing at it, stepping away to get a cup of coffee and grumbling at it under my breath from across the building, or begging and offering up leftover Easter Candy.

I'm pretty comfortable that this is a PEBCAK situation.  (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard) So any advice to help would be deeply appreciated.

TL;DR: Two Objects of my Drag And Drop Interaction keep kicking each other out.

Thanks in advance!

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