Drag and Drop: Is it possible to limit drop-zones?

Apr 28, 2017

I must apologise if this has been asked before, I’m having difficulty getting a successful google!

Basically I have a single drag and drop question with 6 items to drag with 6 spaces to drop in, 3 of the drop zones are one shape and the other 3 a different shape. (The items to drag match these two shapes equally ((3 of each shape)))

Is there a method for me to prevent someone dropping the incorrect shape into a non-shape-matching drop zone but allowing the learner to still drop into any of the 3 matching shapes ? (with only one of the 3 drops being a correct answer)

[I want to prevent using the reset if dropped incorrectly option]

Also the drag item would need to simply reset to its start poition

Is this possible? [Please see picture for example]


Thank you in advanced!


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