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Oct 06, 2013

Hi All,

I came across a drag and drop issue that I just can't get to resolve.

This is a free form drag and drop with objects that I created by myself from shapes in storyline.

Once a draggable item is placed on a drop zone, I disable the draggable object (i do this by changing its state to disabled).

Until here - no problem.

The issue comes up, when another draggable item is dragged upon that disabled (locked) draggable item. The locked item goes back into the "bank" area automatically and stays locked!

I found no way to interfer with this behavior or to assign any trigger such as changing the state back to normal.

Any suggestions?

Appriciate any help!!!



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Yoni Hubermann

Hi There!

I am attaching the Story file + a short clip demonstrating the problem.

It actually shows two issues.

The first is the behavior of placing a draggable object on another draggable object- In some cases, the below dragged object returns to the bank, but sometimes it is simply placed above - why is that? any ideas?

The second issue is the one discussed above - The disabled draggable object returns to bank even though it is disabled since i wish it would stay where placed until excercise is complete.

Thanks for you help.


Antony Snow

Hi Yoni,

From my understanding, you are wanting to disable both the drag item and the drop target but I don't think this can be achieved.

You have selected 'Allow only one item in each drop target' in the D&D properties but this is telling SL that only one item is allowed per target. However, by design, the drop target is still active and SL will simply replace the previous selection with the latest selection rather than lock the drop target.

Applying the 'disabled' state to an object once it has been dropped on a target will only prevent the user from selecting it again but will not lock the drop target.

To address your other issue, I have created a new D&D slide with the 'Allow only one item in each drop target' property set and this is working as expected - I can't seem to work out why in some instances, your slide still allows more than one item.

Apologies that I haven't been able to come up with a solution for you, but hopefully someon else will be able to provide a solution.


Polyna Vladova

Actually, I just tried what you said about the allowing any one item in each drop target - I set the Disabled state, I went to Drag and drop options and i set 'Allow only one item in each drop target'. It made my objects unmovable, because when threre were two items in a drop target, the second one got moved away! So, thanks for the advice!

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