Drag and Drop Issue

Hi all,

I have an issue with a Drag and Drop activity in Articulate 360. I need the drag items to snap back to their start positions if they are dropped in the wrong target area and also for a sound effect to play.

The 'jump back to start' functionality disables when a trigger is put on any drag object. I can rectify this issue by working with states and building the triggers through 'drop incorrect' but this only works once and I need the sound effect to play every time (not just the one time the objects state changes to 'Drop Incorrect').

It would be useful if the object would change back to normal when it returned to it's start position but there doesn't seem to be way to do this :(

Hope someone can help!



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Mhairi Longmuir

Hi Gabrielle, I think I have the same issue, but I don't understand what you did to fix it. So this is my understanding:

1. put a shape behind all my stacked drag objects

2. trigger on the shape (mentioned above) to change state to 'normal' when 'intersects with shape' - what shape does it need to intersect with (I presume a drop target)?

Are there other settings I need on top of this?

Thanks for any help, here was my topic, if that helps: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/drag-and-drop-not-re-setting-back-to-initial-state 


File attached (Quiz 4)

Gabrielle Dwyer

Hi Mhari,

For what I did - the triggers go on to the drag objects 'change state to normal when intersected with 'shape''.

That way the drag items flick back to incorrect every time they go on a wrong target (which is what I triggered the audio to play through).

The shape behind hasn't got to be a drop target. I'll attach it here :)