Drag and drop issue

Hey guys - having a Drag and Drop issue. The settings are set to: Return Item to start point if dropped outside 'any drop target', however as you can see in the image below, the drag items are being allowed to be dropped in between the drop targets.

Has anyone seen this issue before? Storyline file attached and image of error and settings below!



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Wendy Farmer

Here you go.

I have created two slides quick example - first one is custom so that answers are revealed straight away, second slide is a pick many...you'd need to tidy up.  On the first one you could also do a counter that tells them 'you have xx right out of xx'. Hope that helps

Ant Pugh

Hi Wendy - wow these are really cool, thanks so much for taking the time to send this over :) I think the first example is exactly what I need, so I will try that.

Although it is still baffling me why the original drag and drop didn't work - something to take a look at on a rainy day maybe!

Thanks again :)