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Apr 25, 2018

Hi everyone,

I have some drag und drop issues.

I have three drop targets (rectangle) and 12 drag items (rectangle). When I allocate a item to a drop target, everything is fine. But when I click on and move a assigned item, every other assigned item in the drop targets disappear.

Look here for an example:

Right now, everythine is fine.  I have assigend three items to a drop target. But If I click on rectangle "2" and move it a litte bit, the other two rectangle disappear.


I'm using the "Tile" option for my drag and drop exercise and I'm using the latest version of Storyline.

Thanks for any help.



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William Hirsch

Hi Stefan,

I'm trying to reproduce your issue but am a bit unclear on one point.  You say, "..If I click on rectangle "2" and move it a little bit, the other two rectangle disappear."  Do you mean if you click rectangle 2 in it's starting position, or the position it is in once dropped to the target?  If the starting position, it almost sounds like a drop target has been established overlapping the starting position, and the "allow only one item in each drop target" option is set within "drag and drop options" on the Form View.

Along with that, and to further aid in my recreating the issue, can you specify the type of object you're using for a target (shape, hotspot, etc)?

If you're able to attach the story you're working on that would be idea.  At the bottom I'm also attaching some drag and drop tutorials for reference.



Stefan K.

Hi BH,

thanks for your reply. By click on rectangle 2 I mean "the position it is in once dropped to the target". But I was able to solve the problem.

Over my target item (which was the blue rectangle), I had a bigger rectangle with the same colour. When I delete the bigger rectangle so that I can just see the target rectangle the issue does net exist anymore. Thus, the problem was the overlayed rectangle, which was not the target item.

Edit: The target objects need to be at the very front - than everything works fine.

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