Drag and drop issue - storyline 3

Hello everyone, 

We are trying to build a question slide using a free form question "Select one answer". The right answer is an hidden button which change of state to "Selected" when some object are dragged and dropped and change of state "Correct deposit area". 

When you dragged over two response forms in one drop target, the two dragged over forms overlap in the middle of the drop target. 


How can I avoid this? I know to do it using a drag and drop question, but not when I use drag and drop action to change states.

Precision : we have decided to use a "Select one answer" free form question because some of the drag over objects are identical.

Thank you advance for your response !

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sophie,

Thanks for including your project file! Drag items will always drop to the center of the target when using the "when user drops a shape on" trigger. The only way to control how an item is dropped is to use a Freeform Drag-and-Drop question type.

Perhaps the community will have other ideas for you, so hopefully they will chime in here!