Drag and Drop issue with multiple feedbacks

Jun 07, 2014


I've built a Drag and Drop interactivity where I have 3 drag items for 3 drop areas, every correct drag&drop has a video feedback which I placed on the slide layers (one layer for each feedback video). and all of this worked just fine with the needed triggers.

I have a forth video which I want to show automatically after user drop the 3 items correctly and watch the 3 feedback videos as well.

In order to achieve this, I added triggers to change the state of drag items to visited when they are dropped correctly in place, and then when all state are visited >> show me the forth video. but unfortunately this didn't work for me, as when I drag the last item, the forth video appears!

I want the third video to appear at first, then automatically the forth one appear.

Your help is appreciated!


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Meryem M

In Storyline language, "Visited" means the object has been clicked. If you click an object, it has been "Visited."  I don't recommend using the Visited state for your purpose.  I think your fourth video is playing because as soon as you click that 3rd drag item, then all of your drag items have been "Visited" regardless of whether they have been dropped correct.

When something has been dropped correctly, its state automatically changes to "Drop Correct:". 

I suggest that you use True/False variables to change to True when the timeline of each layer ends.  Then show your fourth layer when the three variables are all True.

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