Drag and Drop issues

I am trying to create an interaction where the user drags a puzzle piece on the left and snaps it to a piece on the right.  The pieces on the left list challenges, the pieces on the right list responses. 3 challenges and responses total.

I have two questions:

1. Is there a way (besides Free) to have the objects snap together side by side (challenge piece connected to response piece)?  Free doesn't really lock the piece into place like a normal snap would.

2. Is there a way to provide specific feedback for each correct placement (and not all three when clicking submit)?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Christopher!

I put together a quick sample for you of one way you can set this up. Here's a link to the published output so you can give it a quick test.

To answer your first question, you'll want to create an "invisible" drop target by duplicating the drag object, and then formatting it to 100% transparency. Then, place the invisible drop target exactly where you want the puzzle piece to land, and use the setting "Snap dropped items to drop target: Snap to center."

To answer your second question, you can include specific feedback for each puzzle piece by adding a "Correct" state, then add the feedback to the correct state. You'll also need a trigger to change the drag item to the correct state: Change state of Drag item to Correct when Drag item is dropped on Drop Target. On that note, you can also do the same for incorrect feedback, if you wish. 

Take a look at this sample file, and let me know if that'll work for you!