Drag and Drop items disappearing on click

I have attached a slide a member of my team created as a drag and drop activity. The records should be dragged on top of the record player and then the user moves to a new layer. However, when each record is clicked, it disappears. 

I can't figure out what we have done wrong. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

A trigger on every drop action for the record player is telling the records to go to a visited state that has no graphic on it:

Easy fix. I just copied and pasted the record from the normal state to the visited. You may also want to add an effect on to the visited state, Otherwise, there's really no reason to switch to it as all of the triggers do.

Also had to add a transparent circle object above the turntable and make that the drop target, as the records were not lining up with the turntable wheel. Attached fixed file. Cool interaction though!