Drag and Drop items disappearing Sporadically

May 28, 2018

Hi there,

I recently republished a course I built in SL3 in SL360. Everything seems to have gone smoothly except once my QA tested the course on their machine.

I was viewing and testing on my Windows 10 machine and had no issues. They opened and tested on their Windows 7 machine. They are experiencing a lot of disappearing drag items sporadically when you drag them around the screen.

Not sure if this is a Windows 7 issue, or just a weird bug as part of converting a SL3 file into 360 but thought I'd mention it here to see if anyone's come across anything similar. My plan is to rebuild the activity from scratch next to see if that fixes the issue on the Windows 7 machine.

Also, apologies but I don't currently have permission to post my files. For reference this is a standard Drag And Drop Freeform build. Drag item has a Normal State and a Drop Correct State.

Thanks for any input!


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Lisa Galaviz

We had an issue with Firefox where the drag items were disappearing behind other images on the screen. We are currently testing a workaround. It looked as if the buttons were having trouble layering themselves above the other images on the screen. We placed a rectangle (invisible to the user because it is the same color as the background) behind the buttons and the other images. So far, this seems to help the buttons layer over the other images. We are still testing the solution, but it might be something you can try. 

David Breen

I have a possible workaround but it's sort of limited from what I can tell so far. If you only have one Graphic as your background it would probably do the trick. So say a coloured-pattern background with a set of Drag Items or Objects on stage being randomized by the FreeForm.

So delete your Background image so it's not a layer on the Slide.

Right click on the stage then click Format Background.

Under the Fill tab select > Picture or texture fill

Under Texture: Insert from: Click on the "File..." button and locate your image wherever it's saved on your hard drive.

Essentially, instead of importing an image that becomes a layer, you are forcing the stage itself to become the image you want to use. So the Free form can't force the objects to go behind them.

For this to work smoothly, I'd recommend making your background image the same size as your stage.

I also don't think this is a solution, but it's a temporary workaround if you're in a pickle.

Hopefully the new build with a fix for this comes out soon.

Ramona Meyer

Hi Leslie,

I am experiencing this issue:

"Do you have a background graphic on your slide? If so, we do have an issue filed where some drag items are being hidden by the background graphic."

In addition to experiencing that with drag and drop slides, I'm also experiencing it with custom-built questions (attached screenshot of example before and fixed).

Turning off "shuffle answers" seems to have fixed it for now (although it was happening intermittently, so it's difficult to be certain).

Just wanted to point out that it's happening beyond just drag and drop interactions... so hopefully that will also be included in Storyline's "fix".

David Breen

Hi Ramona,

From my understanding it's the Drag and Drop, Select One and Select Many Free Form Quizzes. When you use the Randomization functionality it hides them behind your Background. I've only tested those 3. I believe there was a new build that was released last week with a fix for it however.

Not sure what other issues pop up though as I saw some people mentioning Drag and Drops stopped working in Edge after they updated.

Marianick Pichon

Just popping in to express huge thanks to @David Breen!!

When I was re-dragging an item to another spot (changing my mind to another drop-zone, or just moving it a few pixels aways, for lisibility reasons), some already dropped items - not always the same, sometimes just one, sometimes several...sometimes none) would disappear!
Reading your comments, I had hidden background graphics and set Shuffle to none, but it still wasn't working.

Removing the picture I used as a background for the exercice and setting it as the slide background, leaving just my 4 dropzones and 14 items on the slide seems to have done the trick!!

Crystal Horn

Thanks for reaching out, Vimal. We released a fix for this behavior in Storyline 360 and Storyline 3. Can you confirm what version of Storyline you’re using? Go to Help > About Storyline.

If you're on the latest version of Storyline 3 or Storyline 360 and still seeing this issue, please let us know! We'll be happy to test out your .story file.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Himani!

I'm happy to step in to help! We don't have an active bug report for this issue so it would be helpful to test your file on our end. 

  • Are you seeing this error whenever you create a drag and drop interaction, or is it just this one project where you see the items disappear?
  • Also, which version of Storyline 3 are you using?

Lastly, would you mind sharing your file? You can either share it in this discussion by using the Add Attachment button or you can share it privately using this upload link.

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