Drag and Drop locking

Oct 17, 2019

I'm creating a free form drag and drop and there are two statements that the user has to drag into the box that is most appropriate to them and they must put a statement into both boxes. However one statement may be relevant in both boxes. Therefore I have created 4 drag objects, stacking them on top of one another to give the impression that there is only one of each statement. This is where my problem lies, I want to be able to stop the drag and drop once two statements have been placed into the relevant box(es). Is this possible? Has anyone found a way to do this? 

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Cegos UK

Thank you Holley, I do need the other variables I think because the end goal is at the end there will be a total for the number of the A or B statement on 'Doing Now' and 'Will Do' will these all work together? So the process is:

1) The user places two statements (they can be the same one) over 'Will do' or 'Doing Now' 

2) The user is unable to drag any further statements once one has been placed on each box

3) A running tally is kept through all 48 statements (only doing one until it all links up properly)

4) A results page at the end tells them how many of each statement was put on each box. 


Holley Berley

In the file I sent back to you, I'd toggled the settings to allow only one drop per target but I noticed that it won't work until you change the drop targets to your invisible boxes.  Click "Form View" on the right menu to get to the drop targets.  They should look like this:

Here is where you toggle the one item per target setting:

Cegos UK

Hi Holley 


Thank you so much for all your help it's been amazing, sorry but I have another question....

I've added back in the variables back in and I can get it to add 1 to each of the variables where required but I can't get it to reset if it is moved away from a target area and if you drag it from one target area across to the other then the box pops up even though only one drop target is occupied. any ideas? 


Holley Berley

Hi again Elliot,

There may be a simpler way to do this, but I've added a few more triggers to help SL better understand the T/F states of the invisible boxes.  It works for the most part - unless the learners are extremely indecisive I think it would suit your needs.

If this method doesn't work for you, you may consider disabling the invisible boxes once they have object dropped on them.  If you went this route, you'd want to make a "reset" button for if your learners change their mind about their selections.  You'd have to test this out to see if it still works with your counting variables, since this would require that slide to be "reset" to the initial state.

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