Drag and Drop - More Than 1 Correct Answer

Jul 26, 2012

Trade 1 and Trade 2 are the exact same thing (the words NO TRADE) and need to be able to work with either drop target.  It's almost as if I need an OR option for drop targets. 

Any ideas?  Story file is attached for you to play with...

Thanks, Community!

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Tracy Buthe

Hi Jonathan,

I don't know if this will work for you but the only thing i could get to work was to switch the question around so that you drag the text and not the Trade and No Trade words. I posted the .story file it still needs some tweaking to make it look nice but this seems to work. Probably not your ideal solution though...

Hope it helps somehow.


Jonathan Workman

Tracy - I actually went with your idea and it worked very well.  Just had to turn the whole thing around from what I was thinking, using the questions as the drag and drop rather than the answers.

Adam - I just don't think the exact scenario I proposed will work in Storyline, but your examples have given me some good thoughts for future interactions...thanks!

Tracy Buthe

Jonathan -

Glad you got it to work! I have been thinking about this overnight and wondering if layers could work some magic but i haven't figure it out.  This might be a good feature request. I can see where this might come in handly. If i get any layer magic to happen i'll post back and let you know.

Have a great weekend!!


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