Drag and drop not re-setting back to initial state

Hi there,

I've built a drag and drop quiz, and I have set the slide properties so that when the user returns to the slide after submitting, it gets "set to initial state" (see screenshot). But it's not working. The dragged objects are still sitting in the position the user left them when they come back to it after pressing try again.


Quiz 4 in the file attached.


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Mhairi Longmuir

Thanks, thought I don't quite understand it....

1. put a shape behind all my stacked drag objects

2. trigger on the shape (mentioned above) to change state to 'normal' when 'intersects with shape' - what shape does it need to intersect with (I presume a drop target)?

Are there other settings I need on top of this?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mhairi. Your original question looks a bit different than what Gabrielle posted. You should only need to add a trigger to your Try Again layer to "Jump to Slide 4.1 when user clicks Continue button."

In order to reset the slide, the slide has to be visited again. Currently, you're just hiding the layer with the Continue button. Add the "Jump to Slide" trigger after the "Hide this Layer" trigger, and you should see your cards return to the deck.

Let me know if that's not quite right!