Drag and drop not working correctly

Mar 16, 2020


I've attached a file which has a drag and drop question in it, and a screenshot of the correct answer.

This file was working, but now for some reason (after the client has seen and made amends) it's not. Even when the correct answers are selected it shows the incorrect feedback. I can't work out what's changed.

On a side note, I only just found the 'show drag/drop incorrect' before submitting in the drag and drop options. This is a neater way of achieving what I have done with hidden boxes and layers. However, is there a way to get the states to return to their original if dragged back off the interaction if I use the 'show drag/drop incorrect' option? Currently if I use this, then they stay red when moved back off the table.

Any help on both of these is much appreciated!


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