Drag and drop object with items in states


I have a free form interaction with oval shapes. The ovals are dropped into the shape of a fish tank or in a waste bin.

I have added some forms and text in normal state and have deleted all objects on drop correct state of the ovals going in the waste bin and deleted the text and made the other objects smaller in the drop correct state of the ovals going in the fish tank but only the ovals responses the way I intended. The other objects from the normal state remains the same. What is wrong?

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Gabriella Fromholt

Ok, I solved it but not at all effortless... 

The objects going in the waste bin was easy. I set a trigger to change state to built-in state hidden when droped on correct target.

The objects going into the fishtank was a bit tricky. I duplicated the normal state and set the new state as initial state. Then I duplicated the drop-correct state and set a trigger to change state when droped on correct target. 

I really hope this will have a smoother sulotion in the future. I think the build-in states have too limited functions.