Drag and Drop on a small area

I have a created a drag-and-drop activity. The goal is for a three-d box to be dragged into a Biosafety Cabinet. The box needs to not be ontop of the black stripes (they represent air intake grill).  I have tried creating a landing zone but they top and bottom of the box seems to be able to land on the black stripes.  Does anyone have a Storyline solution? Or do I need to redraw the Biosafety Cabinet with a longer perspective? 


I have attached the Storyline file with the functional slide. 

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Michael O.

HI Tom, Thanks for responding.

My goal is so that the cage box can be dragged to the yellow bottom area of the Biosafety Cabinet.  If the cage box overlaps the black boarder it is wrong.  Please see attached image with example.  I redrew the biosafety cabinet so that it has a larger bottom, but I thought there might be a more elegant technical solution.  



Second Sample

By the way, this is what a Biosafety Cabinet is

Tom Kuhlmann

I think the first challenge is that the 3D perspectives of the cabinet and baskets don't work well with the drag/drop because you can't show the depth of the object when dragging without doing some sort of state change.

I'd be incline to do more of an overhead view. But if you keep that view, you probably do want to add more depth with the yellow area. The problem with the 3D is that by virtue of the perspective the bottom will not be on the line, but the sides will be over it. 

Michael O.

Thanks Tom,

I wanted to do a top-down look as well, but realistically the learners will not be inside the device looking down; which is why i went with the perspective.  I did redraw the cabinet so that it looks deeper and i used a diferent cage photo and got it working. There was some trial-and-error to get the sizing of the cage correct and I used a 99% translucent trapezoid as the landing spot.