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Dec 30, 2015

Hello, I am trying to build a specific interaction/quiz question. So far I have attempted to use a freeform drag and drop quiz question with no luck.

I am trying to build an interaction that would allow the user to drop one of the appropriate answers to the target without requiring all appropriate answers.

For example. I have 13 food items on the screen. The learner is asked to select 3 items, that would make a balanced meal, and drag them to a plate. The plate is divided into 3 food groups with 3 drop targets. I would like the user to be able to choose any of the whole grains for the whole grain section of the plate.

I tried setting my drop options to "Allow only one item in each drop target." It works in the sense that only 1 drag option is permitted per drop target, but it will never produce a correct answer since all of the drag options are not in their targets.

Is there a better way to do this?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Erika -- Thanks for reaching out with your design question, to which I will defer to the community to chime in with lots of great ideas you can try! I did want to mention that you would also be welcome to reach out for additional advice and suggestions in our Building Better Courses forum, as well! Best of luck with your project. :)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Erika

I would try setting this up as a free form pick one instead of a d & d.

Have two buttons offstage - one that says correct and one for incorrect. 

In the form view select the correct button as the correct response

Set up 3 number variables - one for each of the 3 food groups.

Create a trigger to add 1 to the variable when item is dropped correctly on whole grain....do same for the other two groups.

Create a trigger to change state of correct button to selected when the user clicks submit button on conditions variable1 >=1 AND variable2 >=1.AND variable3 >=1.

Create a trigger to change state of Incorrect button to selected when the user clicks submit button on conditions variable1 <=1 OR variable2 <=1 OR variable3 <=1.correct layer.

let me know how you go or if need more assistance

Christie Pollick

Hi, Erika -- So glad to hear that Wendy's suggestion did the trick for you, and if you have a moment and would like to share a copy of your updated file to illustrate the changes you made (as a visual aid for others who may come across this thread with a similar issue), that would be super! If not, no problem at all and we're glad you have what you need. :)

Erika Kuczysnki

Hi! I tried this and I almost have it working as I want. I had to add a -1 trigger when the item is moved off the plate because I found they could drop an item on the plate, then remove it and it would still register the +1 and come back correct.

My problem is this:

If the user drops the item on the target, then clicks it again and drops it again (even in the same spot) it continues to add a value of 1 to the variable. It is possible to have a value of 5 having only placed one item on the plate. Then, if the item is removed (triggering a -1), the variable still has a value of 4. Again, nothing would be on the plate.

Hope that made sense!

Erika Kuczysnki


They wouldn't have to... In the event that they made their selection properly the first time, they would be fine. However, if they try to swap out an item, or they pick it up and drop it again, they would throw off my variable.

As soon as I have my slide put back together I will attach it. It is currently a mess from all my trial and error. I am going to scrap the whole slide soon!

I am going to attach something I would like to try and replicate. Notice how in this example the "calories" variable updates as you drop or remove the item from the plate. As soon as I pick the item up off the plate, the calorie count drops. If I could get my variables to adjust like this I would be all set. I have tried to mimic all the settings/triggers/states etc. and I cant get them to work.

If I get this thing working I will attach it.

Erika Kuczysnki

OK! I found the setting that was incorrect! Under Drag & Drop options, the "Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted" was checked. This was why I couldn't replicate the example above.

I did end up using variables as Wendy had suggested (THANKS!), and I set up my own submit button and feedback slides to go with it.

Thank you for your help! Slide is attached along with the one I used for guidance.

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