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Feb 16, 2013


I hope you can help me to solve my little problem with the drag and drop function.

I will like to teach small kids to count the numbers to ten. For example show them 10 circles and ask them to drag 5 circles to the square.

I have tried to play around for a few hours but I can't find a good way to do this. Any suggestions or ideas?

For example; is it possible to set the container (in this case the blue square) only to 'accept' 5 circles?

Thanks a lot


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lars,

I believe it's all fixed. I changed it from a pick many to a pick one. When we started out, a Pick Many was working fine. But as parameters were added, especially this last one to "try again", we needed a pick one. I don't know why -- I'm sure some of the Super Heroes could answer that -- but I do know this is working.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Linda and Mike,

Mike beat me to it. Yes, I prefer the Free dropping for that exercise. I believe if y'all had right-clicked on the targets in my example you would have seen the free option - which I guess is what Magnus shared with you, Mike. Not that everyone is a right-click addict like I am! I remember when right-clicking first was "added" as a feature to Windows. I think I fell in love.

Anyway, glad it's working for you, Linda!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lars,

I've uploaded a partially "fixed" file for you. After I've explained what I've done, why don't you try and see if you can fix the rest of it, OK?

First, the subtraction didn't seem to be working. It looked like there was no fill on the background rectangle, so I changed it to a white fill with 100 transparency, and that seemed to fix that piece.

Next, I saw that your Oval 1 was working fine, but Oval 2 wasn't. That is, it kept adding and subtracting numbers. When I looked at your triggers for Oval 2, I saw that you hadn't selected the correct oval for the set to true and false. You should be able to see what I mean in the screen shot below for Oval 3. See how it says SetOval1 equal to true...and the same for false? Those both should say Oval3.

So, I've fixed it for Oval 2 and am thinking you should be able to fix it for the rest.  Let us know! Have a good weekend.

Lars Louring

thanks again again again. Now the slide is working!

I have now dublicated the slide and added a 'Set count equal to 0 when the timeline starts' trigger to the second slide.

But there seems to be an issue with the second slide. The count starts from '0' but then it starts to subtract... 

You can check it out in the attached story.

I have also added a result slide.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lars,

I've edited the file for you. You'll see I've inserted references on the slides to the Oval variables so you can see what's going on (you can remove these references of course).

The long and short of it is that you should set the Oval variables back to false when the timeline starts for your next slide. I think that does what you need. As always, give a holler.

Lars Louring

Hi again Rebecca,

It's me again

The drag and drop to a container is working very good because of you. 

I now run into problems again because I would like to add one more container. Please see attached story.

The story is working fine as long as the user answer correct but if they drag and drop too much around and answer incorrect then it's not working. 

I hope you can help again.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lars,

I played around with assorted states and triggers, but I'm afraid I"m stumped. It's that 2nd drop target and the need to record the answer as correct only if target 1 has 1 object dropped and target 2 has 2 objects dropped...combined with wanting to allow Learners to drag objects off any target and on again, that has me going in circles.

I think it's a really good question and I bet someone in the community will be able to answer it for you. I did NOT want to give up, but I didn't want to waste any more time when you might be able to get an answer!

I'll be watching...now I want to know the solution myself.

Evan Laube

I believe my question can be linked to this thread:

I am having two issues with my project:

1.  The slide layers "Correct" and "Incorrect" are not appearing when "Submit" is clicked.  There are triggers and conditions associated with the layers.

2.  When the user drags an "ice pack" off screen, the Ice Packs counter does not reduce by 1 like it should.  It, instead stays the same.

Any ideas to fix these two items?

Thanks Evan

Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Evan,

Set your correct/incorrect buttons off the stage like Lars did in his sample and have them triggered to a selected state if they are chosen. i.e. Change the state of Correct Button to selected when the user clicks the submit button if the counter is equal to (insert correct number).  Do the same for the Incorrect Button. 

I'm not sure about the problem with dragging the ice packs, it seemed to work for me.  You may need to make another box around the perimeter of the slide.  Does this help at all?  I'll try to fix this for you, but I'm really busy at work right now, maybe tonight.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Evan,

I checked your file, and all the variables updated when I dragged ice packs back to the "shelf" - and I'd agree with Linda's suggestion that the correct/incorrect need to be offstage objects, as that way you'll be able to correctly trigger the layer based on the conditions you've set up. Did you take a look at the example shared by Lars?

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