Drag and Drop Question

Hey everybody,

I created my own drag and drop activity where you drag over a box and using layers shows incorrect or correct. If it's correct they can click the button to move on, but incorrect they have to choose a different option. Since I created it on my own, is there a way with triggers or whatever to have the "incorrect" item "snap back" to the original spot it came. Again, I created it on my own with a hotspot and layers....thanks in advance. 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Joel,

If you want your user to be able to have another go at the question if they get it wrong, you can set the number of attempts available for each individual quiz slide. Simply click on your slide and then select the number of attempts from the drop-down list in the menu:

When the user gets the question wrong, the Continue button on the Incorrect layer will be replaced by a Try Again button until such point as the number of attempts has been reached.

If you haven't converted your drag and drop to a freeform slide and are purely using your own triggers to replicate a drag and drop quiz slide, you can change the trigger on your Continue button from Jump to Next Slide to simply jump back to the drag and drop slide (i.e. it jumps back to itself) and change the slide properties to Reset to Initial State on revisiting:

This should reset everything and enable the user to have another go at the drag and drop.