Drag and drop quiz not giving correct feedback although answers are correct

We created a graded drag and drop quiz. When we answer the quiz correctly, instead of getting well done, we are getting you are incorrect, try again feedback. Also we are getting the try again feedback before the incorrect feedback. We cannot figure this out and we need your help urgently!

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Steve  Galway

You might have already worked through this but just a thought based on the screenshots.

Just looking at your slides - you have 3 x Suspected and 2 x Not suspected answers. The interaction is set to shuffle so you really have no way of knowing if you are matching the decisions with the 'correct' suspected or not suspected answer. In this interaction you have to match the situation with the exact decision it is beside in the form view. Simply matching a suspected decision with an option saying 'suspected' isn't enough.

I mocked up a quick interaction exactly as per your screen shots and frequently get 'incorrect' despite matching the situation correctly with 'suspected' or 'not suspected' as they aren't the exact correct options from the form view. 

You can check this by calling them 'Suspected 1, Suspected 2 etc'. You can also see in the timeline that your 'decisions' and 'situations' are linked in 'Matching Items'.

Bob Flemming

Thank you very much for your prompt suggestion, which worked by renaming the left column to include numbers. Now we are left with the jumbled up feedback outcomes. This is the order at the moment:

1. Try again

2. Incorrect

And it should be the other way round. Here are another 2 attachments, sorry!