Drag and Drop Quiz Question - Reset?

Hey all,

I have a D&D question that gets 2 attempts. Layers for try again, correct and incorrect (2nd time).

The try again layer hides after trigger, but the question doesn't reset the D&D choices. I can add a trigger to start the main timeline over again, but then it resets the attempts as well. In other words, the user is in a loop until they get it right.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!


(Storyline 3, no quizmaker)

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Bob O'Donnell

Try initially searching for "Drag & Drop Reset". There are multiple options/solutions listed. Its been a while, but I think the last time we used one I did what you're talking about to reset the objects but we also added our own variable/code to track the users attempts so you're not stuck resetting the slide over again. You could try that option.