Drag-and-Drop Quizzes imported from Studio

I'm converting courses created in Studio into Storyline 2. I didn't create the courses and I'm still new to Storyline, so I'm not always sure what's going on.

I imported the PPTs, and all is going well except for the drag-and-drop quizzes. In Slide view, when I get to one of quizzes, I see an uneditable background graphic in different fonts than I'm using (so obviously created elsewhere) with Quiz in the title, instructions for completing it, and a timer in a scroll bar below the slide, but the quiz itself isn't there. When I start the timer, the quiz appears but disappears after the allotted time (in this case 12 seconds, not enough time for these particular drag-and-drops.).  

When I preview the slide, I see the quiz on the aforementioned background graphic. But it's static -- I cannot move the objects or do the quiz. 

I do see the .swf file in the Timeline area.

Can someone please tell me what's going on here and, specifically, whether it's functioning as it's supposed to, or whether I need to recreate each drag-and-drop quiz? Thanks much.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ellen, 

It doesn't sound like it's functioning as expected if you're unable to complete the quiz. I'd first like to check that you're utilizing the Powerpoint file, and that all the Presenter elements are in the same folder (the ppta file, the quiz file, etc.) and that all your project files are stored locally. 

You mentioned seeing an .swf file in the timeline - and that typically indicates an interactive flash file - could you be importing a copy of the published output instead? 

Can you share a copy of the Presenter package so that we can take a look at importing it ourselves?

Ellen Slavitz

Sorry for the delay in responding Ashley. 

I am attaching a zip file containing all the source files (from the previous vendor who used Studio) and my working Storyline file. The first drag-and-drop slide is Slide 16.

You can communicate with me directly at ellenslavitz@yahoo.com.

Thank you very much for your help.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ellen,

Thanks for sharing those here. I took a look at the .story file and the .pptx file - and I see how it plays as an SWF in the Storyline file - but looking at the .pptx file, it seems there isn't anything on slide 16? It shows as a large X crossing out the slide - which quiz within the zipped folder should this be? 

Did you check into the elements I mentioned in regards to working on local project files? Since i can't see that slide in presenter - it seems to have some element of corruption associated with it and therefore importing into Storyline incorrectly as well - the other quiz slides imported in normally. 

Ellen Slavitz

Yup -- there's a blank slide with an X where the Quiz is supposed to go. So that's not normal, I assume. I thought the local project files were what I sent you...

Now that I know it's not importing correctly, I think the shortest route at this point is for me to recreate the quizzes from scratch. Kinda fun and good practice.

Thanks again. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ellen,

Yes, since it appears that way in the Powerpoint file, that's how it's importing into the Storyline file. Which quiz number was it in the .quiz files included in the package? There isn't a way for me to confirm that you were working locally although you did send the right files in terms of the Presenter package. I could try importing again to ensure it's all local - or as you mentioned if it's easy enough to recreate that may be the fastest option. 

Ellen Slavitz

Hello again, Ashley:

I decided to recreate all the drag-and-drops. All has gone well except for two (so far) issues:

-- In the originals, when the drag item snaps to the correct target, it takes on the exact shape of the target if they were different. How is that done is Storyline?

-- In a few of the questions, the drag items can be correct in either of 2 targets. I know that technically Storyline doesn't allow that, but is there a way to simulate that effect?  

Thanks much!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ellen,

There isn't a feature in Storyline that would automatically change the size or shape of a drag item, but you could make that a part of the dropped correct state of an item - and therefore once it's dropped correctly it's state will change. You may want to review this tutorial for more information on using the built in states. 

As you mentioned, by default each drag item can only have one drop target, but there are a few ideas other users shared in this thread in regards to how to set that up.