Drag-and-drop Ranking Issue

I discovered that the drag-and-drop ranking question has a major issue that prevents me from using it for my learners. If you click on a draggable item without dragging, it still "picks up" the item which follows the cursor. If you try to drop it by clicking the intended drop location, nothing happens. Instead, you must "wipe" it off by clicking and dragging again. This is not intuitive and I cannot deploy it to learners.

I reached out via the Support chat but was advised that this is not a bug and that it would need to be submitted as a Feature Request. 

Has anybody else run into this issue and/or is aware of a workaround? I've attached the default version of the interaction (to rule out any design items that might cause an issue).

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Zachary,

I can't say I have noticed that before! This probably won't help you, but I never use these built-in drag and drops. I always use the Freeform drag and drop as it just gives you many more options. They do take a bit more effort to build, but after you build a few you get pretty quick at it and the results are far superior in my humble opinion :)