Drag and drop reset function?

May 17, 2012

Is it possible to trigger the buttons in the incorrect or fail screen to reset the position of the assets in the drag and drop? I looked around in the Forums but found nothing.

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Becky Broughton

How can this be done on within a question bank?

in my projects, I have learners dragging a text box anddropping onto a field on the grid. When incorrect the learner sees a feedbacklayer that allows them to retry the question. When feedback layer is hidden and the learner returns to thequestion I want the text box to be in its original location (bounce back).


When I created this as a slide I set the properties to Reset to initial state and I added the trigger to theretry button to jump to the same slide like instructed above. That reset it the slide and the textbox to its original location.  Perfect!


I then replicated 21 times (cause I have a lot of items) and dropped into a questionpool so each item could be randomize. But once in the question pool I see thatI can no longer link back to the question slide and I have lost my bounce back.  Ahhh!


So how can I reset the slide or reset the text box to return to the original location in a question bank?  Why did this change when I moved to a question bank?  What am I missing.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Becky,

Would you be able to upload here? It's difficult to tell what's going on without seeing the file. Also, as I skim the thread, it seems people are using different methods for resetting. For example, Katie mentioned David Anderson's post, and Sajnay was using my example...don't know if those two examples are the same.

Oh, and I do see that someone posted in March saying things weren't working with a question bank. But that was before my post...so I don't know what method she was using either.

So, all in all, it would probably be easier for the community to troubleshoot if we could see your file.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helena,

Thanks for sharing your file here. I am taking a look and I don't see any of the triggers discussed here in terms of resetting the slide based on a variable or the try again layer. I also don't see that you have a try again layer? So I'm not sure how you'd like this to behave..could you share a bit more information? 

Madison Zalk

Awesome, Rebecca. Your video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dk_dY_hh8lA) was brilliantly helpful. Thank you for taking the time to record and share it!!!

I would like to add:

  • In the instance of having multiple drag + drop quiz questions, a uniquely-named variable will need to be created for each question slide. I.e.: 
    TryAgainVarQ1 - Number - 0
    TryAgainVarQ2 - Number - 0
    TryAgainVarQ3 - Number - 0
  • This try again reset process also works with PICK ONE questions (and perhaps others types as well?)
  • Copying and pasting these 2 new triggers from one slide to another (and editing accordingly) did not work for me at all, for some reason. I had to build each from scratch on every question slide (good practice, though!)
Philipp Steingrebe

As some people were asking how to do this without variables and within a question bank:

You can trick it by using "moving paths". Attach a linear path to every dragable item and make the end point equal to the start point. Then set the duration to the minimum value (0.10 s). Remove all triggers generated on the main layer and add new triggers on the "retry" button which play the animation on clicking the button.

This way you don't need variables, there is no need to reset the timeline by jumping to a slide, you can use the question in a bank and it works with limited trials.

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