Drag and Drop Reset with Shuffling

I have created a mock up of a simple drag and drop activity (attached below) to test out the functionality before making larger jigsaw puzzle activity. I have set the drag items to shuffle. I added a page after the activity and the drag items shuffle when I page forward and back, which is good.

I want to add a Play Again button on the page with the drag and drop activity that will reset the activity and shuffle the items. I have added a Play Again button on a feedback layer with a trigger to "Jump to" the page itself. The button resets the activity to its initial state but does not shuffle the drag items. Is there anyway to create a button on the page that will reset the activity and shuffle the drag items?

I have spent an hour looking for the answer here, but no luck.

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Adam Hoe

Hi Lori,

Quick thought:

What if you set your Play Again button on the feedback layer to jump to a blank slide? The blank slide could have a trigger to jump back to the interaction slide as soon as timeline starts.

The blank slide can be in its own scene outside of the main course flow if you want.