Drag and Drop retry problem - questions no longer in random order

Jun 12, 2014

Hi, When I retry a drag and drop quiz, the originally randomized items are now in perfect order, so solving the puzzle as a retry is a no-brainer. What is going wrong here?


I made a single drag and drop question, matching pictures to text descriptions. I made Storyline randomize the questions, so initially the pictures are not in line with the text. When I submit a wrong answer, I get the option to try again. (I reset the results explicitly, both as a trigger, and as an initial setting in the question). Now, the question appears with all anwers correct, ie all pictures are in line with their text descriptions. So drag and drop is now easy: just drag the pic to the text next to it.   It seems like a bug to me, but maybe I'm missing something. Hope to hear from you soon, since this is going to the customer shortly.

Thanks. Rob

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rob,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Are you able to share your .story file here, so we can take a look at what's happening in the project? It sounds a bit odd, so it might be easier if we can see the issue "in action". 

Just keep in mind that the file size limit for the forums is 20MB. If your .story file is larger than this, or if there's a lot of content, it may help to import the slide with your Drag-and-Drop interaction into a new file, so we can focus on just that content. 

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