Drag and Drop: Return item to start point AND change character state

Hello! I am attempting to set up a drag and drop interaction where an incorrect drop causes the item to return to its starting point and also change the state of the character in the slide.  So far, I am able to get the Return to Start Point feature working, but as soon as I add a Change State trigger for my character, the Return to Start stops working. I am not using a submit button, if that makes a difference.  Can anyone help?  

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Lauren Dixon

I got it!  After searching more and reading that triggers can override the automatic Return to Start feature, I ended up adding manual triggers to accomplish the same effect:

1) Added new state "Drop Incorrect" to my drop items

2) Created a manual trigger to Move the incorrect item back to its start point when dropped on the target - Path is a straight line from the drop target to the starting point of the object dropped, also set the time of the animation to .10 sec.

3) Added a trigger to change the state of the item to Drop Incorrect if dropped on the target

4) Added a trigger to change the state of the character if the state of Any of the (incorrect) dropped items are Drop Incorrect.

Attaching the slide here :-)   

If there is a shorter way, I'd still be interested in learning that!!