Drag and Drop, returning incorrect drop to start point automatically

Apr 10, 2015

Hi everyone,

I want to do a self assessed drag and drop, so basically, there are 5 options and 3 of them are to be dropped in the basket, and for each one, there is feedback instantly that pops up (in layers). However, for the incorrect options, I want there to be instant feedback (layer), when dragged over, but it doesnt return the incorrect option back to the start. It sticks on the basket too, even though I have not selected this as a drag option in the Form View. I want the feedback to appear (which is working), but I want the option to go back to it original position (which I can't do!!!!) without the user having to drag this back to the original position.

I am going out of my mind trying to get this to work and I know there is one step I am probably missing, but if anyone can please assist then I would be ever so grateful!!!

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Sachin Taank

What do you suggest would be a good workaround?

This is actually quite frustrating as it limits the functionality that you would want it to be able to do.

I was thinking of having a shape that has text in there, but setting the initial state to hidden, then when an object is dragged over, then the state of the text box becomes set to normal, but I havent tested this yet, and fear it may just do the same. Have you tested this before I go ahead?

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