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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kesha,

There isn't a way to do this as a built in option within Storyline. I'm not sure how involved your drag and drop scenario is - or how much set up you'd like to invest in, but you could adjust a variable based on each item the user has dropped - and then based on the value of that variable determine what items to change their state from hidden to normal - or show a particular layer with all that information. It would be an involved design for sure - but with Storyline most things are possible. :-)  If you have a sample you're working with, you may want to share it here so that the community could take a look and offer any other thoughts or ideas about the specifics of it. 

Michael Hinze

See attached a quick example of how this might work. On slide 1.1, I added DropCorrect states for two shapes (RoundedRectangle and Triangle). If any of these shapes are dropped, a 'ShapeSelector' variable is set to a numeric value. Then, on slide 1.2. I change the state of an objejct to either a rectangle or triangle based on the variable value. You could replicate this concept for the other shapes.