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Oct 10, 2013

Hello All,

Creating a sequence D&D.

Background is colored, answer buttons appear white. No way to fill buttons with color?

Can I insert a picture in a button?

Can I resize a button so it doesn't run the width of the page? Can I widen a button so I can display the picture nicely?

Have been trying to make layers appear upon hovering or clicking on the button, no go.

No way to sub pictures for the buttons as the answers in the built in D&D sequence?

Any way to do this short of a bunch of triggers and variables?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

You'd like the bowl to appear when they select the correct order for the Sequence drag and drop? If that's the case, you could put the bowl on the Correct layer, and it would only show at that point. Or, instead of your current trigger set up to show the bowl when mouse hovered over, you could set it to when the user clicks on maybe the submit button? This would show the bowl whether they were correct/incorrect. 

You can't add images to the buttons themselves (or change their sizing) but you could create a freeform drag and drop where there were images that you dragged into the bowl, instead of the sequence drag and drop. If you need them dragged in the correct order, you may want to review the solution in this thread. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

If you'd like the bowl to appear always, you can change it's initial state to "Normal" and it will stay the whole time (unless you add a trigger to hide it). In regards to answering the question in order, I was able to receive the correct layer when placing the items in order, and the incorrect layer when I placed them randomly - so that is working as expected. You'll set the order from within the "Edit Sequence Drag and Drop" screen. 

David Smith

Ashley and all,

I asked if you could attach a photo to a button in a built in SL drag and drop. I wanted the photo to appear when the D&D item was selected. As you know it doesn't work but on mulitple response or multiple choice you can get a photo to change states from hidden to normal when selected. Just thought I would share, I find it makes it a little more interesting before submitting.

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