Drag and Drop Sequence - Missing Options

Has anyone else run into the mystery of missing options? Here's what happens:

1. I have 3 chances to pass.
2. If I fail, it takes me to a slide for remediation and review. And it resets the question.
3. Then when I come back to this question, some options are already missing. Or when I drag them, they disappear.

Any and all help is much appreciated :)

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Michelle Leon

Yes, Wendy. I know. But I also wanted to import the template player and adjust some triggers and other settings. It was almost midnight and my brain was shutting down...That said, thanks so very much for offering to help me troubleshoot. I absolutely appreciate it.

The file is attached. If this takes too long to resolve, I might just rethink the question structure completely.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Michelle

I'm not seeing the blanks in the quiz slide - are you working locally and do you have your Windows DPI setting set to 96dpi or 100% (Windows 10).  If not that can sometimes display distortions in the elements on screen.

When returning to the review slide the slider is set at '8'.  You may want to reset your slider variable when they user returns to that screen so that it starts at 0 again when they go to review

Not sure why you have the trigger to reset the result slide on the 'try again' layer of the quiz question.  Normally the reset results trigger would only be on the result slide when giving the learner another attempt at the whole quiz.  For my testing I removed that trigger and didn't see any issue with blanks.

Sorry couldn't be more help

Melanie Worrall

Hi Michelle, did you get a resolution to this?

I have a similar issue. Except some users report it in the published output (replicated by same user across all browsers). However, I can't replicate the issue on my machine (tested flash and HTML5 output across all browsers).

I'm going to rebuild the screen, but would be interested if you were able to find a resolution.