Drag and Drop Slide - Not working quite right

Hello!  I found a drag and drop template and was very grateful for it.  However, I can't figure out why the layer I want to show after the user completes the activity won't display. The logic makes sense, but I must be missing a small piece to making it work.  Can anyone let me know what I need to adjust in order to get it working?  Thanks in advance!

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Walt Hamilton


Not your fault; this is a known bug (See first Ashley's Reply) in SL involving the use of "When state of XX is ..." 

Using "State ..." in a When statement only works if you have only three or four triggers on a slide. It seems like a wonderful idea, but more triggers than that, and it just doesn't work.  (Note: this restriction doesn't apply if State of ... is used in the Conditions part of the trigger.)

So what you will need to do is to use this trigger:


It will need to include a condition to check the state of each item. You will need to duplicate it for each item, and duplicate them again to show the layer.

Dario Dabbicco

When you correctly drop the last item of the list you are making two different layers visible at the same time (the "Non Graded Feedback and the "Correct Mark"). This is somewhat conflicting and one layer is not showing. Try attaching the appearence of the "Non Graded Feedback" to a different event: in the attached file, I create a DropCorrect variable that changes from 0 to 1 when all the items are in drop correct state, and the the appearance of the "Non Graded Feedback" is triggered by the change of the variable. Hope it's clear! :)

Dorothy Hopkins

Hello!  I have a new issue since the team wanted to check up the slide and make them all items that need cleanup.  I changed the triggers for all items to be correct right drops, but now when I test the items don't "bounce back" if wrong.  They just disappear.  Any ideas what I'm missing this time?