Drag and Drop: Snap Back Incorrect on Submit?

Apr 17, 2018


Seems a function I would think is pretty fundamental - isn't available in Storyline 360 - having incorrect object drops snap back to their staging position - after I click Submit? 

i.e. I have six objects to drag to six answer spots. I drag them. Then I click Submit. I'd like those incorrect drops to snap back to their original staging spots (showing the learner which ones are incorrect) and then allow the learner to try dragging their incorrect responses again.

I can do this by creating a boatload of variables and conditions - but this kind of 'second attempt' design seems pretty common sense - and thought it'd be a no-brainer to create it in Storyline?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Marty!  It sounds like you need to offer more than one attempt at your drag-and-drop interaction.  Let me check a couple of things with you:

  • Make sure your attempts count is accurate in Form View.
  • In Slide View, adjust the slide properties (base layer level) to reset to the initial state when revisited.
  • Also in Slide View, add a trigger on the Try Again layer to jump to slide (that same slide) when the user clicks Try Again.

Give that setup a try and let me know if it resets your drag items appropriately!

Marty Doupe

Hi Crystal,

Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I've tried this before - to no avail.

When set up this way - and the Try Again layer is closed and you're returned to the base layer - all of the dragged objects return to their staging spots.  What I need to have happen is to have only the incorrectly dragged/dropped objects snap back in their their original staged spot (so the learner can see what they dragged correctly (still on drop spots) and what they dragged/dropped incorrectly (which have snapped back to their staging spots.)

I even tried stetting the base layer to 'Resume to saved spot' (not knowing what that really means) - but that's a no-go too.


Walt Hamilton

Give each answer a motion path 0 high and 0 wide. When the user clicks Try Again, have one trigger for each answer: Move AnswerX on Motion path 1 when user clicks Try Again if AnswerX state is Dropped Incorrect. Be sure they are not set to have a relative start.

If these triggers are after the Hide layer trigger, you may actually see motion when they move back.

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