Drag and Drop to reveal picture.

Greetings all I created a demo of a drag and drop to reveal a picute. It really was pretty simple I took a picture  of Ben Franklin, and made 4 copies each with a little less detail then the one before till it was basically a plain black shape, and stacked them one on top of each other on a different layer. Then I created 6 choices 4 correct ones and assigned 10 points for each one. Then I used a variable called score to track the correct answers. For each correct answer a new picture was revealed till they reached 40 points and the "clearest" picture.

 I posted the tutorial up on youtube here and here is access to the story file. I hope others can find this usefull.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Tyus,

Yes, I have SL. I have the latest update. I'm simply clicking on the link you've provided. It worked fined for David. So, I'm not sure what's going on for me.

As I mentioned, I'm not worried about it - your tutorial was great and I was able to recreate just fine. I only mentioned it in case someone else was having the same problem, but no one has indicated that they are.

Tx again for sharing. Great idea.