Drag and drop too big for the screen


I have a drop and drag activity set up on a slide, but is too small for the page. 

All the information on the slide is required, so I am struggling with a way to display it all and have the font at size 11pt or 12pt.

Is there a way to have each example pop up, then one the correct information is dropped, it disappears and the next example pops up etc.?

I would appreciate any suggestions.




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Alex Karpov

Hi Megan!
First of all you have to tell us what the question sense this slide is offering:  do you want to make matching or sequence? The thing is if you want matching, first you have to put submit button in top (sounds like stupid, but much more stupid to making second matching item with first drop item). Second, you have to add triggers&variables that when item dropped to correct target it change state to hidden.

Megan Colbert

The purpose of this slide is to match the items in the orange box (A) into the the corresponding box in the under 'information' (B).

Ideally I would like all the (A) items to be on the screen at all times. I would then like the (B) box and the description next to it to pop up one by one.


I hope this explanation provides enough information to understand what I want this activity to be.

Mahesh  Nalluri

Hi Megan,

Greeting of the day

I have done by taking four examples, if we drop correct drag option in the correct drop target then correct popup will appear if not wrong item will go its initial position.once we place a correct drag item, then the first drop target will disappear and second drop target will appear.

I think this will help you