Drag and Drop Trigger Problems (360)


Using Storyline 360, I'm trying to take a freeform question and repurpose it a bit. I'm using the Inspire Drag and Drop interaction. The learner has to pick 4 statements from a pool of 6 and put them in the correct order. If they get it correct I send them to one page. If they get it wrong I send them to another. For some reason, any incorrect combination still sends me to the Correct page. I attached a screen grab of my triggers and the form view of the question. Maybe someone can spot a problem there. Thanks!


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Sally Wiedenbeck

Unfortunately, the "submit" button that is built in for the drag and drop interaction doesn't work well with custom triggers (anything other than the built-in 'submit interaction').

I suggest hiding the built-in submit button and creating your own button on the slide, and using your triggers for the correct and incorrect responses on that custom submit button.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Matt and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for letting us know what you are seeing. At first glance of your triggers and my understanding of what you would like to have happened, I think trigger order is the culprit here.

Is the slide we're looking at here Slide 2.3 by chance?

By having the 'Submit' action happen prior to the specific 'Jump to' slide actions you've defined, the slide will move the 'Next' slide by default, which is 2.4 for Correct.

I'd try moving the 'Submit' trigger below your 'Jump to' triggers and see if that helps :)