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I am trying to create a Drag and Drop scenario where I simply collect information about where someone dragged an item. That is to say, if there are 2 targets where a user could drop an item, I want to be able to have a result slide where I can tell which items were dropped to which of the two targets. There will be no right/wrong answer, I just want to be able to tell what was dragged where. If that makes sense! :) Can anyone point me to a video I could watch to help me learn how to do that?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Shirley,

Using the same approach as Walt has described above, here is a quick and fun example based on what you said in your post.

I have used a Selected and Wrongly Selected state for each check box so that you can see which object was dropped in each drop zone and also differentiate between those that were correctly dropped and those that were wrongly dropped. If you simply wanted to show which item was dropped where, you can delete the wrongly selected state and change them all to selected in the triggers.