Drag and drop using triggers in Storyline 2

Nov 15, 2017

I'm having some drag and drop challenges.

What I am attempting to do is have a drag and drop interaction that is graded on the number of items in the "drop zone" and not on which items are in the drop zone.

I first attempted a "convert to freeform" drag and drop but could not figure out how to have it grade on number of object instead of which objects.

At that point I moved into triggers and variables. I have a "semi-successful" story attached. I used a variable "MillerDD" to track the number of objects on the drop zone and variable "MillerSubmitCount" to track attempts (allowing for three). What I found was that the objects were stacked on top of each other when dropped in the drop zone and when dropped outside the drop zone they did not return to their original location.

I figured out that if I used the "drop correct" state instead of a "wrong drop zone object" (which is my background for slide 1.3) I could get them to return to their original location when dropped incorrect. I am, however, still struggling on how to prevent them from stacking when dropped correct. 

The attached story attempted a solution with motion paths, but the object disappears when dropped in the drop zone with motion paths. 

Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated! :)

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Veronica Budnikas

Hi Michael,

I had a quick look at your file and did Convert to Freeform on the last slide (with all your set up done with the counting variables etc.). I then deleted the Correct/Incorrect layers that get added automatically and left just your feedback layers. Then I went to Form View and selected all the Drag items on the left column and selected the Drop Zone as the Drop target for all.

And finally, I changed the Drop behaviour to Free.

This seems to work the way you want it, but of course I may have overlooked other things, so have a good look to see if it's doing what you want!

Hope this helps!

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