Drag and drop variable reference

Hi everyone! I need help regarding drag and drop interaction. On the first slide a user needs to complete drag and drop interaction and the second slide needs to remember a user choice of the previous slide. Is it possible? I know it is possible with text entry reference but since this is a drag and drop interaction I'm not sure if it's possible. This is one of requirements of my client. And also if user wants to go back on the first slide he can choose to reorded that drag and drop interaction.

You can download a project where I have added 100% transparency to rectangles because when user drops a text I dont want shapes to be visible. It's just a part of design nothing else.

Thank you very much.

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Sam Hill

Hi Dragan, this is possible, but will need lots of triggers. You would need a variable for each drop target, and then would need to set the variable value, based on which drag item had been dropped on the target. So, in your instance, 10 triggers per target. That's 100 all up, and then the same for the next slide.

A quick question, in the example you uploaded, is it actually supposed to be configured so you can drop the draggables on any target. At the moment, it only allows correct positions.

I hope somebody can jump in with a more efficient way. I'd be interested to follow the solution.