Drag and Drop - visual feedback for (none)

Sep 23, 2016


I have a DnD page, where I want the user to drag the correct alternatives to a target. The incorrect ones they should just leave where they are. I've set those to (none) in the Form view, and the feedback layers are shown as they should when the user clicks Submit. The Drop Correct and Drop Incorrect states are though not working on the items that should be left where they are - regardless if I drag them to the target or leave them where they are they keep showing the Normal state. How can I make them show the Drop Correct or Drop Incorrect state?


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Anna Jönsson

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for having a look at this! Though, now the result is that the item that should not be dropped is shown as incorrect regardless of how I answer the question - it is shown as incorrect even if I leave it as I should and the Correct feedback layer is shown. 

I did start out with pretty much what you have: I put a trigger on the Correct feedback layer saying to change that specific item to Drop correct (since I know that it has not been dropped, otherwise we should not have ended up on the Correct feedback layer). The tricky part is with the Incorrect feedback layer. Here I somehow have to find out if that specific item has been dropped and left at the target or not (since there are other items that can be causing the incorrect answer), and that's where I get stuck.


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