Drag and drop w several objects and several drop-places...

Apr 29, 2016


I use Storyline 2 and want to create a drag and drop question with several objects, lets say 4 pieces, to be drawn to several drop-places. What I want is an object (eg water in the example below) that does not disappear when I put them in a drop-place, but there must be more to place and that the the item should be right in several the drop-places ... Hope you understand my question ! 
As an example.
There are 4 items: Water, cat food, milk and bones.
Drop-places are: Cat, Rabbit, Hedgehog and Dog.

Then I want to be able to put these things on:
Cat: Water, cat food and milk.
Rabbit: Water
Hedgehog: Water and milk
Dog: Water and bones.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Pär -- Thanks for reaching out! Perhaps you might want to take a look at some of the following discussions that sound similar to what you have described:

Or if you had something else in mind, please feel free to upload your file so others may take a look and offer suggestions. :)

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