Drag and drop where the drag items return to their initial position when trying again

I can't work this one out unfortunately. 

I have a drag and drop question which allows the user 2 attempts. 

When they click try again, the drag items are in the position the user left them. 

I want the drag items to return to their initial position. How do i do this?

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Phil Mayor

Two ways

Simple way is to duplicate the slide, have the first try again jump to the second slide and the second slide only has one attempt slide.

Slightly more difficult is to have an attempts variable and track it, on first incorrect attempt show the try again and jump back to that slide so it resets, and on second attempt show incorrect.


Guillermo Alzuru

I have a somewhat similar problem (I also posted this request in another thread--I hope that is not a problem). 

Now, imagine you don't have submit button; instead, you want to provide feedback immediately after you move any of the shapes. If the move was correct, the shape remains there, but if a shape was moved to an incorrect target, it must return to its original location.

I have tried everything I can think of, including everything I've read in other threads but still can't figure out how to accomplish that

Phil Mayor

remove any triggers based on drop. Open the Quiz form, choose drag and drop options, set it so only items can be dropped on a correct target. Uncheck the delay state changes on the botton of this popup and close. 

Add in Drop correct state (can be exactly the same as normal) add triggers to show your feedback when object state is drop correct.

Guillermo Alzuru

Phil, three questions:

a) I'm not sure I understand the point of the Drop correct state, if it can be the same as normal. If it's like normal, it does not contain the feedback. 

b) How would I show the feedback when an item is dropped in an incorrect box? with a layer or with a state dropped incorrect?

c) I have tried both ways and in both cases the item remains in the box. I need it to return to its original position. It seems like the feature that makes it go back loses its functionality, it doesn't work anymore

Phil Mayor

You can add the feedback to the states if you want, if it is a popup pr text I would normally add to layers and use a state change so I know it is in the correct spot.

If you want incorrect then add a drop incorrect state.

The key is to the incorrect bouncing out is to ensure you do not have a trigger that says when object is dropped on. Instead the trigger is show layer when state changes on your object. 

Of course if you put the feedback into the states you dont need any triggers at all.

Guillermo Alzuru

I'm almost there. I created a "wrong" state and an incorrect layer for one of the items. When I moved that item into any of the incorrect boxes, it changes to the wrong state and the incorrect layer shows up. So, both are working. Then I click on the button that hides the layer, but the object remains in the box. 

I checked the Drag&Drop options. "Return item to start point if dropped outside a correct drop target" is checked.

What is missing? I tried both preview and publish


R. Eric Smith

I worked out a method. 

In the Incorrect layer, add triggers for each drag item. For each drag item object, Change State of "Object X" to Normal when the User clicks Submit.

Now go to the Base Layer. You're going to add Move triggers, and this part is tricky. 

Action: Move

Object: Object X

Path: straight line

When: User clicks

Object: Submit Button

On Condition: "Object X"'s state is Drop Incorrect

After you make the trigger, select the straight line path. It has a default path you need to change. After selecting the path, look at Animations ribbon, Size and Position, and change "Length" to 0. (Don't try manually changing the path. You'll go insane.) You'll then see a red dot on the object. Do the same for the other drag items. Each object will snap back to its original position when they're Incorrect and user clicks Submit.

If you need a .story file, I'll make a generic version of my slide so it doesn't violate NDA. :-)

niki haworth

I have a question about this method - if  you add an extra layer to fake the resetting of the drag and drop responses, how does that impact the scoring of the quiz? Do the responses on each layer count as separate questions? If they get it wrong the first time then get it right, would the scores for the two questions cancel each other out?

Ren Gomez

Hi Viviana,

I downloaded Wendy's file in Storyline 360 and only spotted object triggers on the slide layers. Is this the trigger you're referring to?


You're welcome to contact Wendy directly by going to her profile and selecting the Contact Me button, but you can also share more details here, and someone can offer help!

Walt Hamilton

Here is a sample that contains lots of nifty options for custom DnD, including resetting to default state or not. The concept is that it depends on what the submit trigger does. It uses the Submit trigger to either submit a pick One interaction on the same slide, or on a separate slide. On the separate slide, the Try Again button returns to the original slide, which is set to return to Original state on Revisit, which resets all the Drag objects. If you evaluate the results on the same slide, the Try Again layer just hides itself, and the objects remain in their dropped positions. It keeps track of attempts for you. You can see it in action on the Simple Graphic example at: